Celebrate Jazz Appreciation Month

Celebrate Jazz Appreciation Month

Though the month is nearly over, there is still time to engage in a little jazz appreciation. To celebrate Jazz Appreciation Month, here are 10 activities to do alone, with friends and family, or with children.

10. Play Your Favorites

Introduce everyone you care about to your favorite jazz musicians. Odds are that you’ll make a new jazz lover out of them. I remember listening to nothing but Miles Davis for weeks during my freshman year of college. I actually ended up alienating my suite mate, but my roommate, who was from Japan, didn’t seem to mind it much.

9. Ask Around

Get recommendations for the best jazz music from your friends and family. While you are at it, get recommendations for the best…

8. Visit a Jazz Club

This is something that I have never done, but would absolutely love to do. I know we have several good places to go in St. Louis. Ask around and see what places you have in your area. If you don’t have any, why not make a bit of a pilgrimage to the nearest major city with a live jazz venue? Many restaurants may also have jazz nights if you ask them about it.

7. Pick Up an Instrument

If you’ve always wanted to play but you just couldn’t for some reason as a kid, what’s holding you back these days? If you have the money to buy or rent an instrument, go for it. And if you already have one from days long past, dust it off and start playing.

6. Incorporate Jazz in Your Work

If you teach, search for jazz lesson plans to share with your students. If your job allows music, bring a jazz CD and announce that it’s just for a day—unless people ask for more!

5. Dress Up As Your Favorite Jazz Musician

See if your friends can guess who you are. If it’s just too obscure, make a t-shirt featuring your favorite musician akin to the rock group t-shirts that people love to wear.

4. Add Jazz Records to Your Collection

If you already collect music, add some jazz records to what you’ve got—and if you already have some, why not find more? Try searching for that ever-elusive album you’ve always wanted in antique malls, on eBay, or in other spots.

3. Host a Jazz Party

Have everyone bring their collections and share them. Provide snacks and drinks, and if you know people who can play music, have them bring their instruments to share as well.

2. Support Your Local Jazz Band

Give a donation if you can afford it, and definitely make plans to attend their next concert. If it’s the school jazz band, all the better.

1. Do a Jazz Independent Study

Search for various jazz videos on YouTube. Ask your local librarian to help you find the jazz music section and check something out you’ve never listened to before. While you are there, grab a couple of biographies about jazz musicians and check them out. Go to a record store—yes, they still exist!—and listen to some sample music or, if you must, simply do it online.